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The future of bioavailability


Prevention of imbalances in the immune system

The BIOCANNOVEA Immune Analysis Centres are Europe’s first holistic refuges in which the human immune system is the focus of all functional processes of the organism. Our centres, which are under medical supervision, screen all immune-relevant, supporting and maintaining parameters, such as micronutrients, functionality of the intestinal microbiome, ATP balance of the mitochondria as well as all variables that can be determined by bioimpedance. Our vision is: we perform cause research instead of symptom treatment.

The future of vital substances: Bioavailability

Biocannovea’s products are an absolute innovation on the market for health care and nutritional supplements innovative process. Our products are manufactured on the basis of the patented micellation process. This is a completely new and natural method of making fat-soluble substances and vitamins water-soluble. This allows our cells to absorb a considerably larger amount of the active ingredient into the cells. Maximum bioavailability. This innovation achieves a bioavailability of well over 90%. Considering that with previous manufacturing processes for fat-soluble substances, a maximum of 4-20 % was achieved – this is a revolution! Compared to all food supplements available on the market so far, this makes it possible for the vital substances contained in Biocannovea products to be absorbed 5 to 20 times better in the metabolism. Highest effect in the body, biologically produced “Made in Austria”.


The successful franchise company BIOCANNOVEA is tapping into a booming market with the two tried and tested product/service segments of immune analysis and vital substances, because a balanced immune system is the basis for health and individual well-being.


All franchisees are offered a promising concept for direct entry – without prior medical knowledge. The BIOCANNOVEA head office accompanies all future partners from the very beginning with its in-house expertise and marketing tools. Become part of a groundbreaking success story.

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