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Innovation - product development

Our application-oriented research drives the development of innovative products.

actual focus technologies 

Innovation is based on the successful cooperation of many specialists. Our team has extensive experience in the conception and implementation of R&D cooperations with other technology companies and research institutions. These are our current fields of development. Close to the pulse of the market, however, we are always inspired to come up with new development ideas.

Wound management and prevention

Development of novel aids in therapy and prevention

Care support systems

We offer technical support for nursing staff in their everyday work

Biosensors and risk diagnostics

Prediction of disease risks through synchronized long-term detection of biomarker complexes

Wound management

The treatment of patients with acute or chronic wounds is a great challenge, especially in nursing. We are working to offer the most user-friendly products possible in the broad area between wound analysis (e.g. on the basis of optoelectronic multi-sensor systems), documentation, treatment (especially for chronic wounds and decubitus ulcers) and prevention for all areas of clinical practice. If you are interested in further information in this area, please contact us here:

Care support systems

According to current estimates, there will be a shortage of up to 500,000 nursing staff in Germany in 2030. Through the use of intelligent assistance systems and robotics (among other things, with particularly light new actuator systems), we can help to make procedures more efficient even with fewer staff and help those in need of care.  

If you are interested in further information in this area, please write to us here:

Biosensors and risk diagnostics

Modern biosensors are becoming increasingly lighter, thinner, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

We are working on their adaptability to the individual patient. This will provide completely new medical devices through additive manufacturing techniques to enable long-term prediction of disease risks based on AI-based models through synchronised combined long-term detection of many biomarkers.

This development approach will prove to be a pioneering medical technology especially because targeted preventive interventions will only be possible on the basis of the timely detection of significant risk changes – well before the manifestation of acute disease symptoms.