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Giving quality of life - by innovative prevention

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Company managed by owner- since 1984

Health is the growth market of the future. If you want to keep up, you have to differentiate yourself. Therefore, every employee is a valuable element for our growth and contributes to our innovation.

The focus is increasingly not only on the therapy of a disease but also on its individual prevention. Therefore every employee is a valuable element in our growth and supposed to contribute to innovation.


Wide range of point-of-care tests, screening devices and prevention services


AROA Biosurgery

ENDOFORM is an extracellular matrix for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. MYRIAD as a skin graft.



Repair-free, ultra-light, wireless single-use endoscopy in HD quality



People don’t buy health. People buy problem solutions. Our innovations solve problems before they arise: individually and sustainably. This is the key to long-term customer loyalty.


Customer loyalty through effective prevention

So far, we have been able to convince for more than 14000 Micro-Medical customers of our medical-pharmaceutical competence and our range of services.


years of experience

Corona Testing and Prevention

We offer a broad portfolio of antigen and antibody rapid tests, as well as FFP2 protective masks and products for air treatment and disinfection – even in difficult delivery situations, thanks to a close connection to the manufacturers.


For wound management in chronic and acute wounds, we offer the patented solution of extracellular matrix technology. Its natural porous structure enables rapid absorption of blood and creates a reservoir of biologically important cellular components that restore the body’s own tissue. It preserves the authentic structure and complexity of natural tissue and contains more than 150 ECM proteins, including collagen and other secondary molecules that are present in the tissue and support the healing process.


Our Nuvis endoscopes in single-use design are not subject to the wear and tear of optics that occurs with conventional endoscopes due to sterilization.

This eliminates the time and cost of sterilization, downtime and repair.

Their innovative technology nevertheless delivers lasting HD image quality, while a state-of-the-art manufacturing process guarantees ultra-precise optical visualization.

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