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repair-free, ultra-light, wireless single-use endoscopy in HD quality


Our Nuvis single-use arthroscope revolutionises the endoscopy market by offering high-resolution optics in a cost-effective, disposable device – for maximum reliability and safety during every procedure.

It solves many of the problems of traditional reusable arthroscopes.

After a few sterilisation cycles, the optical quality of many endoscopes often deteriorates significantly. As the ultimate backup arthroscope, nuvis saves you the time-consuming search for a replacement arthroscope.

Nuvis is an advanced arthroscopic innovation that offers a sterile, cost-neutral surgical solution in disposable use.

With reliably sterile packaging, nuvis protects patients and facilities from infection risks due to deficiencies in processing and sterilisation.

The separately embedded LED provides clear white light without the use of a separate light source or cable.